Product/Tool Design & Rapid Prototyping Service Centre set up by the Council

We have pleasure in informing you that the above Service Centre has now been set up in the Councilís Head Office in Mumbai. You will recall that this Service Centre was proposed under the ASIDE Scheme of the Government of India to facilitate product and mould design and rapid prototyping. Contributions of at least Rs 1000 were also invited from each Member and we thank the few of them who have paid the same. We request other members to make the payment.


We take this opportunity to invite all members to use this facility at a nominal charge to be worked out on a case to case basis depending on the volume of work. The various services provided by the centre shall be as under:


            Create different designs and explore the various features of a product in a virtual set up (that provides 3-D

Manipulative viewing) before finalizing the product design.2D to 3D Conversion of Drawings or vice-versa will

also be facilitated.

            Design Validation for uniform thickness. 

            Product Optimization for increasing product lifecycle.

            Mould Design along with Mould base details.

            3D Printing for building a product prototype (rapid prototyping).

            Analyse mould design (through simulation) thereby minimizing the number of trials. (Mould Flow Analysis for

getting the product without any defects)

            Reduce your product development cost and launch new products faster.

            Offer new products and variety to your customers in a much shorter time frame.


The following software& hardware has been put in place:

1.                   Siemens UNIGRAPHICS NX 10.0 for Product Design and Development.

2.                   Moldex EASY FILL incorporated with UG NX10.0 for Mould flow analysis.

3.                   Stratasys Dimension SST 1200es 3D Printer M/C with FDM Technology.


Good mould design facilitates the production of a good moulded product. The Service Centre is geared upto carry out analysis for production and mould structure and make DFM (Design Feasibility Manufacturing).

We wish to inform you that Mr Giridharan (Design Engineer) has been assigned with the task of providing the above services and will be too glad to assist you further in this regard.


We invite all members interested in designing new products, mould design and simulation and rapid prototyping to visit us and meet Mr Giridharan for further details (email: plexconcildesignsolutions@gmail.com). We trust that this will be a useful facilitation measure to serve the Indian plastics industry.


We look forward to a favourable response.


Thanking you



(V G Mahajan)